KRS Secondary

  • Alternative Provision,
  • Y10 / 11 Catchup
  • Tutoring in school
  • Outreach Student Support

Premises in Sheffield and Rotherham

KRS Primary

  • Alternative Provsion
  • Outreach Student Support
  • Mentor Programme
  • Staff CPD - PE Delivery

KRS Wellbeing

Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art - Play - Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

KRS Sports

Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

KRS Events

May Half Term Camp
Stride and Thrive SEND Activities
Art Therapy Sessions

KRS Workshops

CPD - Workshops Coming Soon
CPD - Online Courses coming Soon

Traditional education is not for everyone

Traditional education is not for everyone

Send all the naughty kids to the chokey! 🤬 Yeah right! We’re not Mrs Trunchball! But education really does fail so many students, time and time again. We know it’s not the teachers’ faults (nor the students mind you!) but as we’ve figured out, traditional education...
Breaking Down Learning Barriers

Breaking Down Learning Barriers

Labelled ‘bad kids’, but they’re not bad, they’re misunderstood. At KRS we work with groups of children who have social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and they are often misunderstood and referred to as ‘bad kids’ when really, they just need our help...