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XX began attending our Alternative Provision in January, initially joining us four days a week. XX faced significant challenges with behaviour and managing anger, particularly when challenged by staff or when uncertain about how to act in response to instructions.

Our primary objective for XX was to see an improvement in behaviour within the school setting and to enhance his academic skills. XX was eager to learn and put in his best effort, but would often become angry when struggling with his work. During these times, we provided him with the space and time he needed to calm down. This approach helped XX return to his work and engage with staff to identify his difficulties, allowing us to tailor our support to his needs. Much of his behavioural issues stemmed from frustration and difficulty in communicating his struggles.

Within a few weeks, XX began to gain confidence in expressing his feelings and the reasons behind his behaviour. It was heartening to see him understand that staff were there to help and support him, fostering his self-awareness and cooperation. His academic abilities also improved significantly, with his concentration span increasing from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. This was a substantial achievement for XX, reflecting his growing comfort and confidence in his own progress.

As XX made positive strides with us, he continued to face challenges at his mainstream school, especially as his attendance at our provision reduced from four to three days a week. To support XX in his school environment, we implemented an Outreach programme, where we provided in-class support on the days he wasn’t with us. This approach involved applying the strategies we developed in our Alternative Provision within his regular school setting. As a result, his school observed a marked improvement in XX’s behaviour, noting his increased calmness and better anger management.

As we approach the end of the academic year, XX has successfully completed our Outreach programme. His behaviour and communication with teachers have improved to the extent that he no longer requires our in-school support. In September, XX will return to his school full-time, well-prepared to tackle his SATs and transition to secondary school.

This case exemplifies our commitment to working hard to look after all our students, ensuring they receive the personalised support they need to succeed.

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