KRS Secondary

  • Alternative Provision,
  • Y10 / 11 Catchup
  • Tutoring in school
  • Outreach Student Support

Premises in Sheffield and Rotherham

KRS Primary

  • Alternative Provsion
  • Outreach Student Support
  • Mentor Programme
  • Staff CPD - PE Delivery

KRS Wellbeing

Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art - Play - Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

KRS Sports

Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

KRS Events

May Half Term Camp
Stride and Thrive SEND Activities
Art Therapy Sessions

KRS Workshops

CPD - Workshops Coming Soon
CPD - Online Courses coming Soon

Typical Day at KRS: Structured Support for Our Students

At KRS, we are often asked about what a typical day looks like in our alternative provision. Our daily schedule is designed with the needs of our students in mind, particularly those with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). Here’s a glimpse into how we structure our day to support effective learning and development:

 To further assist

      • our students, especially those with EHCPs, we use a combination of analogue clocks and digital timers. These tools are used in classrooms to indicate the start and end of lessons, the duration of each intervention, and the time left until breaks. This method helps students focus better by breaking the day into manageable segments.
      • By integrating these visual tools and structured timings, we help our students navigate their day with confidence and clarity. This approach not only aids in their educational development but also enhances their ability to manage time and reduce anxiety about transitions and breaks.

Our commitment to providing a supportive and structured environment is at the heart of what we do at KRS, ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive.