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Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art - Play - Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

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Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

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Empowering Every Learner: Our Outreach Programme and the KRS Hub Unite to Transform Lives

“Unlock the door to a world where education meets imagination and support knows no bounds. At the heart of our mission lies a unique blend of art, LEGO, and play therapy, designed to uplift young students with SEMH or SEND. Whether it’s within the familiar walls of their school or the inspiring space of The KRS Hub, we offer more than just alternative education; we provide a lifeline. Through tailored academic support and transformative interventions, we’re dedicated to dismantling the barriers that stand in the way of every child’s success. Join us in redefining the future of learning, where every student has the tools to thrive in life. Let’s collaborate to make education accessible, engaging, and empowering for all.”

KRS why we know how to support schools, students and parents, read our story.

SEMH Student Outreach Support

Outreach service for students of all ages

Our experienced team help support SEMH in varying different ways.

Art Therapy / Play Therapy / Lego Therapy / Sport Therapy

Staff Mental Wellbeing Support

We collaborate closely with an NHS Practitioner from Kiveton Surgery who assists our private clients. This is a fully confidential service that benefits school staff, the school, and the students by reducing workdays lost to stress and anxiety.

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The Inclusive Classroom

Alternative Provision

We provide Alternative Provision services for both primary and secondary students. Of course, stakeholders have the option to approach us directly at KRS or alternatively go through Sheffield City Council.

Our approach focuses on understanding each student’s unique learning style and adapting our teaching methods accordingly. 


Experiments (fun)
Den Building
Strength & Conditioning
Nerf Wars



Art Therapy
Lego Therapy
Play Therapy
Social Skills
Anger Management


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Alternative Provision (Rotherham)


School Mentoring Programme - Early Intervention


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After School Clubs - Multi Sport Delivery



Sheffield Primary School Alternative Provision - Young student Learning
Joel is amazing! He has been brilliant with children, and in some of his sessions he is working with some children that present with challenging behaviours.  These children love working with him, and really look forward to him taking them out.  The parents of these children often say a lot of their conversations with their children revolve around Joel's sessions with them and how much they have enjoyed it.  They are incredibly happy, and we are seeing the impact that Joel's sessions are having on these children reflected in the classroom.  He is engaging, fun and works well with the children.  At playtimes, children are so eager to join in with the fun activities Joel runs, and he really supports them with their turn-taking and social skill development.  
Some children in my class also attend the dance club run on a Wednesday (I've forgotten the name of the person who runs it!) and they also really enjoy this! They are often practising their routines on the playground and showing us their moves they have learnt!
From what I have seen, all the staff at KRS are patient and understanding with our children at Halfway, but also ensure clear boundaries are set and expectations are met.  The children really enjoy having the team in, and although I cannot speak for all the staff here, I also enjoy seeing them.  The team are friendly and approachable, and no ask is too big for them.  They are a credit to you and your organisation.
Grace Marklow

SENDCO, Halfway Primary School

One of our pupils was very disengaged with school which was impacting their attendance, punctuality and behaviour. Since attending KRS on a blended timetable with school we have seen a marked change in his mental wellbeing and engagement in school life. KRS have superb communication with us as a school, sending weekly reports and photographs as well as being highly responsive to requests and questions via email and telephone. They have recently supported school with an Ofsted visit to one of their sites where they were able to showcase the fantastic work they do. We are so thankful that we were put in touch with KRS and in the words of our pupil accessing KRS AP  "It's just the best", "I've made friends", "I'm happy".

Hannah Godfrey

Eastwood Village Primary

“Our KS1 children throughly enjoyed taking part in the festive games before Christmas, the activities were engaging and inclusive. The confidence club enabled 8 children to participate in a range of activities that they would normally shy away from in their PE lessons. Yas was very engaging and built a great relationships with the the pupils” 

A Smith

PE Lead, Aston Springwood

Joel has been superb and is exactly what we needed. We need a personality around school; someone our 'hard to reach children' can relate to and look forward to working with. Joel is extremely flexible and appreciative of how a school runs which is a great support for us. We couldn't be happier with the impact.

Peter Walker

Head of School, Halfway Nursery and Infants / Halfway Junior School

“We have really enjoyed working with KRS this academic year. In addition to our weekly PE sessions, our Y2 staff recently booked them in to support with their healthy living topic, where coach Mike and Joel delivered several activities throughout an amazing action-packed day.

Joel and Eden have also had a real positive impact on the children with significant SEND needs in our ARC provision. The pupils look forward to their weekly PE sessions and have made great progress in the caring and nurturing environment that Joel & Eden create. We really appreciate KRS and there work!”

R Coleman

PE Lead, Waverly Junior Academy

"KRS have had a great impact on the skills and progress of our children in PE. They look at the children as individuals, get to know them and use this to make the lessons the best they can be for our children. They have even taken the interests of the children like dodgeball and rounders and supported our school in having competitions that allow the children to practice their skills and be the sports people that they can be. The children and the staff love the PE lessons and after school clubs provided by KRS"

Jade Libberton,

Head of PE, Reignhead Primary

“The kids loved Glow in the Dark dodgeball' it was a really exciting and different experience or the children and even the teachers couldn't help but get involved. Mike was amazing with the pupils”


Alex Bramley

Head Teacher, Marsh Lane Primary

Over the last 12 months KRS Education have supported our Multi-Academy Trust to develop our extended school enrichment programme. They have provided after school and holiday camps, delivering a great variety of activities, offering mainstream sports, but also a diverse variety of inclusive physical-activities such as Glow in The Dark Dodgeball and Nerf Wars. It is great for a school to offer such a range of activities, attracting so many different children and encouraging more to be active beyond the school day. The coaches have been very professional, well prepared and with suitable experience to deliver each activity. I look forward to working with the KRS Education team next school year and developing our Extended School programme with more exciting activities.

John Bell

Extended Services Partnership Officer, Learners Trust

We have had these coaches in for the last two academic years now and have always been fantastic. They have been able to promote PE to a variety of different students: SEND, EAL, PP and have now had a huge impact on our high ability girls in Y1-Y3.
I have seen a positive impact of these sessions within the usual PE lessons and the enjoyment that the students get from these interventions has been paramount.
The main part of this impact has been seen in the students from the ARC (students with autism). Before these sessions, these students used to struggle with PE and being engaged within PE lessons. Now at the end of the year, there has been a clear change in their ability and engagement within lessons.
Will Taylor

PE Lead, Waverley Academy

‘KRS have supported PE development and CPD at Reignhead this year and will continue to do so next year.

KRS staff are experienced coaches who have worked with pupils, teachers and teaching assistants across all key stages. They have a very good understanding of the National Curriculum and have successfully followed (and made adaptations where necessary) to the school’s own PE curriculum. The coaches have formed very good working relationships with staff; currently working alongside our HLTAs – they observe and learn new techniques which they are then able to replicate in other PE lessons that they deliver. This has proven to be a very effective method of CPD and has been positively received by staff. We have extended this model to other teaching staff across school who expressed some need for CPD in the teaching of PE.

KRS are incredibly flexible and are always so accommodating when the need arises. They have happily been involved in Red Nose Days, World Book Days and Comic Relief – they are just so adaptable!

Always at the heart of KRS is the children…children always come first and this is what makes them such a special organisation of professional coaches.’

Caroline Fairfax

Deputy Headteacher, Reignhead Primary School

Thank you ever so much for coming in to school to support our staff INSET day. The team building activities we took part in where all great and the laughter could be heard from the other side of the school. The staff explained everything clearly, helped out where needed and got involved too. It gave us all an opportunity to work together, communicate and take part in some healthy competition. We’re very grateful.

Charlotte Vernon

Headteacher, Spire Junior School

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