Explore our gallery for an insight into everything that happens at KRS Education. You'll see a range of activities that our team implement and other organisations we work alongside. All of our activities' have a focus on fun, education and life skills.

Due to safeguarding guidelines, we maintain privacy for all our students involved. If your child has been involved in any of these activities you can email us on for photographs.

Street Doctors


Explore this section to see our students working with Street Doctors.

Learning about the human body and first aid in an emergency, linked specifically to our programme of tackling knife crime. Street Doctors is a movement of young healthcare volunteers who train young people with first aid skills to become lifesavers in their communities across the UK.

Art & Crafts 

Creatvity, fun and working towards a qualification through arts and crafts skills. Allowing kids to express themselves through art work. Art is a commonly used form of therapy that can help with emotional regulation and understanding.

Science Experiments 

Science experiments reignite our students passion for study in a fun yet educational way. It is an opportunity for students to explore chemical reactions, elements and also develop team building skills.