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  • Alternative Provision,
  • Y10 / 11 Catchup
  • Tutoring in school
  • Outreach Student Support

Premises in Sheffield and Rotherham

KRS Primary

  • Alternative Provsion
  • Outreach Student Support
  • Mentor Programme
  • Staff CPD - PE Delivery

KRS Wellbeing

Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art - Play - Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

KRS Sports

Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

KRS Events

May Half Term Camp
Stride and Thrive SEND Activities
Art Therapy Sessions

KRS Workshops

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 Well-being Support Programme for Young People

Outreach Programme

Supporting Young Minds Through Challenging Times

At KRS Education, we understand the unique challenges that young people face today. Whether dealing with mental health struggles, bereavement, trauma, or other issues, our outreach programme is here to help. Delivered both in schools and at our dedicated Hub, our mission is to support students on their journey to self-discovery and resilience.

Innovative Therapies for Holistic Wellbeing

Our programme utilises a range of therapeutic approaches, including Art Therapy, Lego Therapy, Play Therapy, and Sport Therapy. These innovative therapies are designed to engage young minds, helping them process their experiences and emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Art Therapy: Encourages self-expression and emotional release through creative activities.
  • Lego Therapy: Builds problem-solving skills and promotes teamwork through constructive play.
  • Play Therapy: Uses play to help children understand and cope with their feelings.
  • Sport Therapy: Encourages physical activity to improve mental health and build resilience.

Why Choose Our Outreach Programme?

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of young people. Our experienced team work closely with students, providing personalised support that addresses their specific needs. By participating in our programme, students will benefit from:

  • Enhanced emotional regulation and self-awareness.
  • Improved social skills and peer relationships.
  • Increased resilience and coping strategies for future challenges.
  • A supportive community that understands and addresses their individual struggles.

Empower Your Child’s Future Today

Join us in supporting the mental wellbeing of students. If you are a teacher or parent, we invite you to learn more about our outreach programme and how it can benefit the young people in your care.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy School Children

Art Therapy

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Who and Why?

  1. Enhancing student mental health and resilience.
  2. Supporting staff well-being and stress management.
  3. Strengthening parent engagement and support.
  4. Addressing behavioral issues in students.
  5. Promoting a positive school environment.
  6. Providing emergency support for high-pressure situations.
  7. Offering diverse therapies (art, play, sport) for varied needs.
  8. Facilitating professional development for educators.
  9. Building community within schools and trusts.
  10. Tailoring long-term support for sustained well-being.

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