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Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art - Play - Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

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Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

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May Half Term Camp
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This week marks an incredible milestone for our Year 11 students at KRS Education. As they finish their exams and prepare to leave, we’re proud to share their inspiring journeys from disengagement to academic achievement.

Our students have worked tirelessly, not only completing their exams but also earning additional qualifications in functional skills. Notably, two students transformed their attendance from 0% to 80% over just six weeks—a testament to their dedication and our supportive environment.

One of our favourite success stories is a young person who excelled so remarkably that they have returned to mainstream school. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of our return to school programme and the resilience of our students.

Our success extends beyond Sheffield, with notable achievements at our Rotherham Alternative Provision. A Year 11 student completed a mental health qualification, and a Year 6 student earned a bronze in sports leadership, now setting their sights on silver.

Saying goodbye is always bittersweet, whether our students are graduating or returning to school. However, they will forever be part of the KRS Family. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and celebrate their incredible progress and achievements.

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