Alternative Provision - Helping Students Choose a Direction

Alternative Provision Support for Schools

  • Attendance Accelerator
  • SEN – let’s Learn and Develop
  • Behaviour – “Please Give me another chance”
  • Mental Wellbeing – ” Listen, Pick me Up and teach me tools to cope”
  • KS2 Support – Specific group to help younger students with behaviour concerns

Our AP Support is primarily KS3 and Ks4 , however, our KS2 is a very welcome addition for schools needing something a little extra

Pupil Premium - Closing the Gap

Pupil Premium

In-School support for KS2 students we have the most amazing team, to work in school with a group of students who may cost your teaching staff in time, with several issues being caused along the way.  Working with the students (maximum of 6).

Our SEN group in schools is about Play and Learn, with lots of small wins.
Our Group work comes with clear learning objectives and outcomes for your records.


Sports Premium - Play and Learn

Sport Premium

Absolutely terrific Play & Learn like you’ve not seen before. Not only do the students have lots of fun but they also learn with cross-curriculum games.
Students get to play different sports they would not normally have a chance to play.
This is developing fast with lots of different sports and lots of different games.




Adult Learning

We’ve been working hard on an adult learning programme, around employability skills and training, we also have something different planned to help people upskill.
Look forward to sharing with you soon.

inspiring young people with SEN

SEN Inclusive Football Camps

SEN Inclusive Football Camps

Check out our camps for young people with SEN needs.
We welcome everyone and will love you to be part of our camps, click below for more details.


 KRS Education is a service that delivers on-site physical education for primary schools. We have teamed up with the amazing YP-Academy to meet the needs of all students. With their team’s diverse skill set, they explore boundary pushing play while fostering cross curriculum learning, learning together as a class or team at the same time!

KRS Education & YP Academy Proudly present our SEN Inclusive Football Camp as the perfect place to learn and play with friends. We offer two dates in August, so make sure to book your spot before it’s too late! We have a low coach-to-child ratio, we can guarantee that every child will get plenty of time learning and having fun.

Plus, all of our coaches are trained professionals who love working with children.

Our inclusive environment welcomes players of all abilities – from beginners to experts.
Our booking form is below but places are limited so we can maintain our high-quality standards.
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - Sheffield - SEND
What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

School attendance is a serious matter. When your child misses school, they are missing more than just class. They are also missing the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends. They are also unaware of current events and, of course, missing out on the...

Re-engaging with students to prevent students from missing school?

Re-engaging with students to prevent students from missing school?

Re-engaging with students to prevent students from missing school? What are some ways to stop students from missing school? Students are absent from school for many reasons. Some are unavoidable. Others are avoidable. School can be a challenging place. Students may...

E-Learning Platform

Looking for an E-Learning Platform to help train and educate your staff.

Lots of E-learning platforms can cost thousands of pounds for simple functionality or offers funcionality you don’t require.

Request a Demonstration of the platform, and see what it can do for you. Fully Tracked and monitoired progress, add your own content and more.

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