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We believe in all students, we want to work and support young people and adults stopping the past defining their futures.

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Primary Programmes

  • Outreach Programme
  • SATS Preperation
  • Phonics
  • SEMH Therapies
  • SEND Sport Delivery
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Lunchtime Activities
  • PE Curriculum Delivery
  • After School Clubs
  • Assembly Talks
  • Alternative Education (kS2)
  • Staff CPD (Phonics, PE Delivery)

Secondary Programmes

  • Alternative Education
  • In School Support
  • SEMH Therapies
  • EHCP – Support
  • Academic Learning
  • Wellbeing Support
  • Stepping Stones of Attendance
  • E-Learning


Rotherham Council

Alternative Provision

We provide Alternative Provision services for both primary and secondary students. Of course, stakeholders have the option to approach us directly at KRS or alternatively go through Sheffield City Council.

Our approach focuses on understanding each student’s unique learning style and adapting our teaching methods accordingly. 


Experiments (fun)
Den Building
Strength & Conditioning
Nerf Wars



Art Therapy
Lego Therapy
Play Therapy
Social Skills
Anger Management


Primary Schools


Alternative Provision (Rotherham)


School Mentoring Programme - Early Intervention


Sports Programme - Multi Sport Delivery - Reports


After School Clubs - Multi Sport Delivery



Sheffield Primary School Alternative Provision - Young student Learning

Additional Programmes & Activities

Support All Round


Catchup Learning


Additional Qualifications


Twilight Learning - With After School Activity


After School Clubs - Multi Sport Delivery

Sheffield Primary School Alternative Provision - Young student Learning

Over the last 12 months KRS Education have supported our Multi-Academy Trust to develop our extended school enrichment programme. They have provided after school and holiday camps, delivering a great variety of activities, offering mainstream sports, but also a diverse variety of inclusive physical-activities such as Glow in The Dark Dodgeball and Nerf Wars. It is great for a school to offer such a range of activities, attracting so many different children and encouraging more to be active beyond the school day. The coaches have been very professional, well prepared and with suitable experience to deliver each activity. I look forward to working with the KRS Education team next school year and developing our Extended School programme with more exciting activities.

John Bell

Extended Services Partnership Officer, Learners Trust

We have had these coaches in for the last two academic years now and have always been fantastic. They have been able to promote PE to a variety of different students: SEND, EAL, PP and have now had a huge impact on our high ability girls in Y1-Y3.
I have seen a positive impact of these sessions within the usual PE lessons and the enjoyment that the students get from these interventions has been paramount.
The main part of this impact has been seen in the students from the ARC (students with autism). Before these sessions, these students used to struggle with PE and being engaged within PE lessons. Now at the end of the year, there has been a clear change in their ability and engagement within lessons.
Will Taylor

PE Lead, Waverley Academy

‘KRS have supported PE development and CPD at Reignhead this year and will continue to do so next year.

KRS staff are experienced coaches who have worked with pupils, teachers and teaching assistants across all key stages. They have a very good understanding of the National Curriculum and have successfully followed (and made adaptations where necessary) to the school’s own PE curriculum. The coaches have formed very good working relationships with staff; currently working alongside our HLTAs – they observe and learn new techniques which they are then able to replicate in other PE lessons that they deliver. This has proven to be a very effective method of CPD and has been positively received by staff. We have extended this model to other teaching staff across school who expressed some need for CPD in the teaching of PE.

KRS are incredibly flexible and are always so accommodating when the need arises. They have happily been involved in Red Nose Days, World Book Days and Comic Relief – they are just so adaptable!

Always at the heart of KRS is the children…children always come first and this is what makes them such a special organisation of professional coaches.’

Caroline Fairfax

Deputy Headteacher, Reignhead Primary School

Thank you ever so much for coming in to school to support our staff INSET day. The team building activities we took part in where all great and the laughter could be heard from the other side of the school. The staff explained everything clearly, helped out where needed and got involved too. It gave us all an opportunity to work together, communicate and take part in some healthy competition. We’re very grateful.

Charlotte Vernon

Headteacher, Spire Junior School

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