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Creative Expressions: Art and Play Therapy for Children (Ages 5-13)

Unlock your child’s full potential with our 8 -week “Creative Expressions: Art and Play Therapy” course! Tailored for ages 5 to 13, this transformative journey empowers your child to communicate, cope, and thrive. Through imaginative play and artistic exploration, they’ll build emotional resilience, develop vital life skills, and discover their unique strengths. Our expert-led sessions ensure a nurturing environment where creativity flourishes, while detailed progress reports keep you informed every step of the way. Invest in your child’s future today – watch them blossom into confident, expressive individuals. Enrol now and witness the magic of self-discovery unfold.

Course is initially 8 weeks and lasts 50 minutes

1. Children and Adolescents: Art therapy provides a safe and engaging outlet for younger individuals to express complex emotions, work through challenges, and enhance their self-esteem.
2. Individuals with Emotional Distress: It offers a non-verbal means of expression for those struggling to articulate their emotions, aiding in processing trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression.
3. People with Communication Issues: Art therapy is particularly helpful for individuals with communication disorders or difficulties, enabling them to communicate feelings and thoughts visually.
4. Trauma Survivors: Art therapy can aid trauma survivors in processing their experiences, reducing the impact of distressing memories, and promoting healing.
5. Stress Management Seekers: Engaging in creative activities helps manage stress by promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and a healthy way to escape daily pressures.
6. Individuals Seeking Self-Exploration: Art therapy encourages introspection, aiding those who wish to explore their identity, goals, and values in a supportive environment.

Play Therapy Supports:

Play therapy is beneficial for:
1. Children with Behavioural Issues: Play therapy helps children express and work through challenging behaviours, fostering self-control, and promoting positive alternatives.
2. Children Facing Family Changes: It assists children dealing with divorce, relocation, or other family transitions, offering a safe space to process emotions and adapt.
3. Anxious or Shy Children: Play therapy provides an avenue for anxious or shy children to build confidence, develop social skills, and reduce anxiety in a non-threatening manner.
4. Children with Trauma: Play therapy aids trauma recovery by allowing children to re-enact and process traumatic experiences in a controlled and safe environment.
5. Children with Developmental Delays: It supports children with developmental delays in reaching developmental milestones and improving their emotional regulation and communication.
6. Children with ADHD or Autism: Play therapy helps children with ADHD or autism develop focus, impulse control, and social skills through structured and directed play sessions.


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Welcome to our 8-week journey through Creative Expressions: Art and Play Therapy for Children. This comprehensive course is designed to provide children aged 5 to 13 with a nurturing and supportive environment where they can explore their emotions, build self-awareness, and develop essential coping skills through the mediums of art and play. Each week, participants will engage in carefully crafted activities and therapeutic techniques guided by experienced professionals in the field of child therapy. 

  Course Benefits: 

  1. Emotional Expression and Regulation: Children will learn to express their feelings and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental setting, using art and play as powerful tools for self-expression.  
  1. Self-Exploration and Identity: Through creative activities, children will have the opportunity to discover more about themselves, their interests, and their strengths, fostering a positive sense of identity.  
  1. Communication Skills: Art and play therapy encourage verbal and non-verbal communication, helping children learn to express themselves more effectively and improving their ability to connect with others.  
  1. Stress and Anxiety Management: Techniques taught in the course will equip children with strategies to manage stress and anxiety, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.  
  1. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Creative activities stimulate imaginative thinking, allowing children to practice problem-solving and decision-making skills in a supportive context.  
  1. Enhanced Self-Esteem: By engaging in artistic and playful activities, children can experience a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.  
  1. Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Children will develop healthier ways to cope with challenges and difficult emotions, reducing the likelihood of resorting to negative behaviours.  
  1. Parent-Child Bonding: The course includes guidance for parents to participate in some activities, fostering a deeper connection between children and their caregivers.


Course Structure:   

Week 1: Introduction to Art and Play Therapy 

- Understand the fundamentals of art and play therapy.
- Introduce basic techniques for self-expression. 


Week 2: Exploring Emotions Through Colours 

- Use colours to symbolise emotions.
- Create a personalised emotion colour wheel. 


Week 3: Imaginary Worlds and Storytelling 

- Build imaginary worlds through play.
- Create and share stories using toys and art. 


Week 4: Expressive Art Techniques 

- Learn various art techniques (collage, painting, drawing) to convey emotions.
- Use art as a tool for emotional release. 


Week 5: Body and Emotions 

- Explore the mind-body connection.
- Create body maps to express feelings and sensations. 


Week 6: Building Resilience Through Play 

- Introduce games and activities that teach resilience.
- Foster problem-solving skills through play scenarios. 


Week 7: Family Involvement and Communication 

- Involve parents/guardians in selected activities.
- Improve family communication dynamics through interactive exercises. 


Week 8: Reflection and Progress 

- Reflect on personal growth throughout the course.
- Create a final art or play project representing the journey. 


Course Assessment and Reports: 

Throughout the 8 weeks, detailed progress reports will be provided, outlining each child's development, challenges, and milestones. These reports will serve as valuable insights for parents and guardians, showing the tangible benefits of their child's participation in the course.   

Note: The course duration can be extended to allow for deeper exploration and more individualised progress. The curriculum is designed to be flexible, adapting to the unique needs of each child while maintaining a structured and goal-oriented approach. 

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3.30pm, 4,30pm, 5.30pm


20th Sept 23, Mon 9th Oct 23