KRS Outreach Programme
Supporting Young People With SEMH

KRS Secondary

Alternative Provision, Academic Achievement, SEND Support, EHCP, Tutoring, Wellbeing, Outreach Support

Premises in Sheffield and Rotherham

KRS Primary

Outreach Student Support, Mentor Programme, PE Curriculum Delivery, Lunchtime Activity , After School Clubs

KRS Wellbeing

Mental Health Support, Vulnerable children, Teenagers & Adults, Therapies include, Art – Play – Lego and Sport Therapy. Weight Management Programme Pound for Pound. Private Access to a Mental Health Practicioner

KRS Sports

Boxing Classes, Children & Teenagers. Strength & Conditioning Weight Training Teenagers.

KRS Fitness

HiiT Class, Box Fit, Yoga, Weight Lifting

KRS Workshops

CPD – Workshops Coming Soon
CPD – Online Courses coming Soon

Welcome to our Heroes of Learnington, ready to show their SEN will never hold them back.

Enjoy Chapter 1, Chapter is out W/C 22nd April 24

Comprehensive Well-being Support Programs for School Communities

At KRS, we deeply understand the importance of well-being in schools, for students, staff, and parents alike. With utmost empathy and dedication, we offer a range of programmes designed to support every member of the school community, regardless of their role.

For Students: We provide engaging outreach programmes that include a variety of therapies such as art, play, and sport. These therapies are not just activities; they are gateways to emotional expression, resilience, and personal growth, tailored to resonate with young minds.

For Parents: We understand the crucial role parents play in the educational ecosystem. Our drop-in sessions are designed to offer guidance, support, and a listening ear, helping parents navigate the challenges of supporting their children’s education.

The 5 Pillars of Mental Well-being: Our programmes are structured around these pillars, providing a clear and comprehensive journey towards improved mental health and well-being.

For Staff: Recognising the unique pressures faced by educators, our programs for staff go beyond traditional methods. We offer art therapy, but also the simple yet powerful opportunity for a cuppa and a chat, followed by a structured support program. This approach is designed to nurture mental well-being and create a supportive community within the school. Click Here for more information

Emergency Programmes: We also offer specialised emergency programme for schools, academies, and trusts, recognising the high-pressure environment of the educational sector.

We are here to support you, whether it’s for a single day or an ongoing partnership. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore how we can tailor our programmes to meet the specific needs of your school community. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to walking this journey with you.

Who and Why?

  1. Enhancing student mental health and resilience.
  2. Supporting staff well-being and stress management.
  3. Strengthening parent engagement and support.
  4. Addressing behavioral issues in students.
  5. Promoting a positive school environment.
  6. Providing emergency support for high-pressure situations.
  7. Offering diverse therapies (art, play, sport) for varied needs.
  8. Facilitating professional development for educators.
  9. Building community within schools and trusts.
  10. Tailoring long-term support for sustained well-being.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy School Children

Art Therapy

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Upcoming Events

KRS Sports Kids Boxing

KRS Sports Kids Boxing Classes

Welcome to KRS and there new classes for kids boxing. We have a new taster Session for your young ones, to come and try teh bautiful art of boxing, if your child has done it before they are catered for. It will be a fun session with professional boxer Tommy Frank

SEND Sport After School Club

Stride and Thrive for Children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Stride and Thrive is an innovative and inclusive programme designed for young individuals with special educational needs and disabilities. Our mission is to empower young people through a series of engaging and tailored activities that focus on sports, teamwork, and personal development.

Open for Young People between the ages of 5 and 12

Wellbeing Support Programmes

Embark on a transformative journey with our Outreach Programme, meticulously designed for young individuals seeking a nurturing path towards emotional and physical wellbeing. Our programme, also open for private bookings, offers a unique blend of therapeutic modalities including Art Therapy, Lego Therapy, and Play Therapy, tailored to foster creativity and self-expression. We delve into enhancing Social Skills and Emotional Wellbeing, alongside specialised support for Anxiety, Anger Management, and Trauma. Our holistic approach extends to Sensory and Physical wellbeing, ensuring a comprehensive nurturing environment. Join us in this empowering experience, where growth and healing go hand in hand.

Academic Learning

Subjects KRS Cover

Discover a dynamic alternative education pathway tailored for young learners, offered directly to schools seeking to enrich their curriculum. Our programme covers essential academic subjects including English, Maths, and Science, integrated seamlessly with Physical Education (PE) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE). This holistic approach not only enhances academic proficiency but also promotes physical wellbeing and personal development, preparing students for a well-rounded future. Partner with us to provide your students with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


At KRS, we are committed to equipping young individuals with the qualifications and skills necessary for thriving after school. We offer a comprehensive range of educational opportunities including Functional Skills in key areas such as English and Maths, alongside specialised qualifications like Active IQ in Sport. Our programme also incorporates the AQA Unit Award Scheme, allowing students to gain recognition for their achievements in smaller, manageable steps. Furthermore, we emphasize the development of employability skills, ensuring our learners are not only academically proficient but also ready to excel in their future careers. Partner with us to give your students a competitive edge in the job market.e

Student Goals and Achievements

At our centre, we believe in rewarding the hard work and dedication of our students. Beyond the core curriculum, learners have the opportunity to earn additional certificates that highlight their commitment and achievements across various domains. These certificates cover areas such as exemplary attendance, outstanding behaviour, achievement of key goals, academic progress, and extraordinary achievements. Each certificate serves as a valuable addition to their personal portfolio, showcasing their holistic development and readiness to excel in future educational and career pursuits. This recognition not only motivates students but also enhances their profiles for further education and employment opportunities.

Reporting System for Schools

Our comprehensive reporting system ensures that schools are consistently informed about their students’ progress and engagement. Each week, schools receive detailed reports via email, outlining what students have studied, their participation in activities, and any key interventions that have taken place. This thorough documentation is supported by evidence, which is securely available for schools to download. Our commitment to transparency and communication allows educators to closely monitor their students’ educational journey and facilitates a collaborative approach to achieving the best outcomes for each learner.

KRS Students designing papare areoplanes ready to let them fly
Upskilling and Learning - Adult Learning

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