Improving the attendance of students is one of the main challenges of our country. There is no need for an explanation that achieving results is impossible if students don’t come to school.

For a student to learn, they have to take part in various activities. Schools know the importance of attendance and it’s proven that missing just 10% of school can seriously reduce the chances of a student achieving their true potential.

Students who miss more than four days of school each month are at higher risk of becoming NEETs (Not in Education, Employment and Training).

That’s why KRS has developed a unique attendance accelerator.

How does our attendance accelerator work?

Our main objective is to work with students who are persistently absent from school are less likely to succeed academically, the attendance accelerator is to rebuild students into education. Schools or an agency working with the family refer a student whose persistently absent from school where a member of the KRS team will arrange a meeting with the family and discuss options.

These options will be different from school, they will have a chance to come and take part in an activity, one they will enjoy and take the first mini step back to school. The KRS team will work with the young person finding out what the barrier to school actually is and liaise with the educational teams on solutions.

It’s important to engage with the family and the KRS strength is building this up and getting students and family to re-engage. It isn’t an overnight fix, but it is engagement and also increasing safeguarding on that young individual.

We base learning on likes, such as sport, social media, hobbies, offering mini-modules for success, linking to digital media/sports coaching delivery, and other vocational solutions.

Other skills we base learning on are IT-Ready, Employability, Clear Targets towards apprenticeships, English Language and Maths.

Growing emotionally and academically

We must continue to commit to holding ongoing reviews, including involvement from parents and students’ visions and aspirations. We must also make sure students are growing emotionally while also academically.

We know that circumstances change and we are always ready to change the programme assessing if work is too difficult or not challenging enough. We often see some students may be open to a partial return to school with an introduction to different core subjects

Our reporting and progress charting is essential to keep all parties in the loop of what students are working on and aiming to achieve. If they are slipping on their standards, it is good to quickly do a check-in with them. Our reporting system will demonstrate an improvement in attendance, academic, and importantly, emotional and social development.

Get in touch if this is something you think your child could benefit from.

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