Primary School - Sport Premium Sheffield

Primary Schools

  • Early Intervention
  • SEND Sport Delivery
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Lunchtime Activities
  • PE Lesson Delivery
  • After School Clubs
  • Multi-Sport Delivery
  • Fundamentals
  • Assembly Talks
  • Alternative Provision (kS2)


Primary School - Sport Premium Sheffield

Secondary Schools

  • Alternative Provision
  • EHCP – Support
  • Friday Catch-Up
  • Additional Qualifications
  • Assembly Delivery
  • Self Defence Groupwork
  • Self Esteem Builder (Girls Group)
Primary School - Sport Premium Sheffield

Adult Education

  • Adult Upskilling Courses.
  • Adult Learning and Qualifications
  • Return to Work Support
  • Functional Skills Maths & English
  • ICT Training
  • Safeguarding Courses

KRS Education believe in all students, we want to work and support young people and adults stopping the past defining their futures. .

We know mainstream school isnt for every young person, we know some are misunderstood and sometimes a mainstream setting isn’t ready for a students needs. 

We work with students who have an EHCP, SEND, enage in Mental Health battles which isn’t good when fighting alone.

Behaviourial issues, no boundaries, no aspirations no role models. 

We’ve been descibed as flexible, and we are, we have to be. We need to create the right environment for a young person to thrive.  

Primary Schools
We offer a superb 12 week plan for KS2 students, who may be struggling with education and the school setting. The work you do is amazing but you often have 29 others to think about. Our plan looks at all areas for this young person to be successful. 

We also offer in school mentoring, clear aims and goals with a student or a small group. Working with school and parents for the best future for their child. 

Adult Learning

Why not change your life?

Often fear, confidence and the weight of the world stops people taking control of their future.
The environment we create is different, its fun, informal and with clear goals and support.
We offer personal development alongside CV writing,  upskilling, employability skills, improved qualifications and if you are looking to go into business for your self, we are here to help. Advice, Guidance and clear support. 

Alternative Provision for pupils who are SEND

Alternative Provision September Re-opening

Our alternative Provision re-opens on September 5th 2022, we look forward to working with students young and old. If you have someone who you think will benefit from our support, please don't worry we are still around and still working. Our staff team has expanded in...
Multi Sport Camp - Half Term - Sheffield

New Dates

KRS Education will be at the EIS, Sheffield  27th / 28th July delivering fun Multi sports to young people over the couple of days. Always good fun and young people get to try games they've never done before.

 KRS Education is a service that delivers on-site physical education for primary schools. We have teamed up with the amazing YP-Academy to meet the needs of all students. With their team’s diverse skill set, they explore boundary pushing play while fostering cross curriculum learning, learning together as a class or team at the same time!

YP Academy - High Quality Football Coaching
KRS Education Training
Excel Martial Arts - Sheffield
YP Academy and KRS Education
Alternative provision: what it is and how it helps troubled students

Alternative provision: what it is and how it helps troubled students

In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the best way to help struggling students with learning disabilities. Some parents have turned to alternative options, including home-schooling and private schools. This isn't always easy to afford, but...

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

School attendance is a serious matter. When your child misses school, they are missing more than just class. They are also missing the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends. They are also unaware of current events and, of course, missing out on the...

Assembly Talks

Age-Specific Delivery – Primary Schools to Secondary Schools

You Can Achieve Anything – Born deaf – Playing for England and running a successful business.

Bullying – Feelings, and actions to take.

Mental Health – the good days, a range of feelings, and how to work through them.


Sport Coaching

Sports Delivery: Helping colleges with the coaches of tomorrow, encouraging, mentoring, and developing. 

Our team delivers excellent Sport Delivery in Schools

Alternative Provision

An Alternative Provision for KS2, KS3, and KS4.
Working on

  • Curriculum
  • Vocational Learning
  • Project-Based Learning
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