– An Alternative Provision Program for schools
– Learning the skills students need to be successful in life

KRS wants to help students who may be struggling in mainstream education?

Our KRS alternative provision is based at a fantastic site in the South East of Sheffield and is accessible by Bus, car, and Waterthorpe tram stop.

Covering KS 2, KS3 – KS4 With excellent facilities, It has fantastic breakout areas that will cover KS2-4 to enable students the opportunity of gaining their knowledge with more inspiration around every corner!

Based at the outstanding Excel Martial Arts Centre whose motto is Excel in Life it is a perfect fit.  The atmosphere is inspirational and relaxing enabling us to deliver 3 key areas of learning. 

1. Vocational Learning
2. Academical Learning
3. Project-Based Learning

Bespoke education plans can be key for engagement, using different teaching methods can often help students, and we work with each student to get to know them, likes, dislikes, and potentially some goals. 

Our aims are simple, return to school with new tools to cope or progress to further education/apprenticeship/employment and avoid becoming a NEET (Not in education, employment, or training).

The child is our priority for a future, for schools to give them a necessary education and for parents peace of mind. 

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Sheffield Alternative Provision for Students

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Alternative Provision sheffield

KRS wants to help students with mental health issues and learning disabilities achieve in life?

Our curriculum for students with SEND needs is looking to personalise their learning and get them involved in small qualifications leading up towards a chance at an apprenticeship and onto gainful employment. Parents with SEND children suffer great anxiety worrying about their children when they leave school and what future they will have.

Schools have amazing departments that focus on those who have Special Education Needs and Disabilities, but we know this doesn’t always work out as planned- some children struggle, have issues with their peers, struggle with anxiety and too many people around them, either way there’s no time like now!

Why KRS Education?

 KRS Education is founded with the mission of being 100% dedicated to providing excellent support for schools, to support them and their SEND students when they are struggling and may need a small break from mainstream school.

At KRS Education, we integrate learning working towards a clear goal, a goal which will give them an increased chance of employment, with hands-on-experience. With Over a decade working with students and engaging them in different ways, we provide full lesson plans and progress reports for school.

If we could arrange a good time to chat would be great and see how we can support, you in the best possible way.

Further Information

We are a team of professionals who will be working together to provide alternative education for students. Our program is designed around the human aspects of learning and teaching, rather than only focusing on curriculum lessons like traditional schools do. This means that we can offer life skills and support to our students as they grow into successful adults.

Our alternative provision program is designed to support students through their time at school by offering them life skills that they may not get elsewhere. This means we’re able to provide more than just curriculum-focused lessons; instead, we offer opportunities to engage in real-life working and business opportunities. The aim is to get enough small qualifications for SEND students to enter an apprenticeship and avoid becoming a NEET.

We believe this approach helps build self-confidence and resilience so that when it comes time for these students to leave us they are ready for whatever comes next in their lives.
Working With Schools, Parents and Students we know we can give students a future. 

We deliver in very small groups for maximum progress.  

Additions to the Curriculum – Proposed (22-23)

Level 2 Using Web Authoring Software
Level 2 Web Page Design
Level 1 Understanding the Safe and Secure use of IT
Level 1 Understanding Microsoft Office
Level 2 Smarter Working Principles and Practice
Level 2 Personal Development through Sport
Level 2 Coaching Skills
Level 2 Physical Education – Sport Activity
Level 2 Self Development and Confidence Building
Level 2 Understanding Positive Relationships
Level 2 British Values

Parental Concerns

We are aware it can be hard for a parent to understand why a school will suggest an alternative provision.
You can read a letter regards KRS Education here and hopefully, it will give you a small amount of peace of mind regards the work we do for your child.

Download Parent Letter

Directions to Excel Martial Arts –
KRS Education and Excel Together
Download Here

Interventions – On and Off Site

Support Behaviour for Schools (2)

Behavioural Support

We have a unique programme for students, working with young people who have troubles at school and because of it, their education is suffering as well as those around them.

We find out “why” they act up—from bullying to mental health issues like depression or anxiety–and we work on strategies so that the behaviour does not continue in future situations.

Finally, by engaging in schoolwork together during our sessions students can learn how important studying hard really is!

Reporting Back on every student we work with in detail.

Increasing School Attendance

Increase School Attendance

What would happen if you got more help with your attendance issues in school starting now?
The Attendance Plan is a program that helps students who are struggling to keep up their attendance. The plan works through an interactive, step-by-step process: we create the attendance plan based on what’s going well and not so well for each student; then work together as partners overtime to make sure they’re staying on track

  • Working with the student
  • Create a Working Plan
  • Working with Parents
  • Working with School

Comprehensive Reports supplied to all over progress


Building Student Confidence

Building Students Confidence

Through our programme, we build resilience in the most vulnerable students by teaching them to feel confident and self-assured. We provide mental health support for anxiety as well as low self-esteem so that they can finally be happy again!

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Self-Esteem
  • Mental Health Support
  • Anxiety Support

It’s awful young people end up in a place they don’t believe they can talk to anyone. This program builds confidence and trust and we liaise with schools all the way through their time with us.

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

School attendance is a serious matter. When your child misses school, they are missing more than just class. They are also missing the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends. They are also unaware of current events and, of course, missing out on the...

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