3 Point Learning

We’ve created an interactive 3 point learning plan –

Engage        Educate       Exercise

Are you looking for an educational company that understands the needs of students and schools?

We’re KRS Education. Our taster sessions are totally free, so you can see how we go over and above to understand your needs as a student or school.
Our sessions are sporty and we bring all our own equipment, delivering cross-curriculum learning during the session, giving it a unique twist compared to others out there. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

Sign up for one of our FREE taster sessions today! You’ll be able to see how KRS Education goes over and beyond in order to meet your needs as both a student or a school.


• Provides a positive start to the day
• Fun way to start the day with family
• Children and Adults Together – Family time
• Integrates health/well-being in schools
• Provides a safe and engaging experience for children
• Shows parents they are still needed in the lives of their children


Boost literacy, numeracy and resilience


  • Build social relations with your school community 
  • Improve physical health, social skills, self-esteem and concentration 
  • It’s a great way to try out new things that you might not have the chance to otherwise 
  • Boost literacy and numeracy skills 
  • Increase student resilience, independence and self-esteem

• Keeps students physically active instead of lethargic

• Educates and entertains while still meeting the academic requirements for schools

• Enhances student attention span from short to long periods of time

• Includes a variety of games that are sure to interest all different types of learners

3 Point Learning is engaging, creative, and overall a great educational experience for students. Students are engaged by being given multiple sports to play ” Not only do the kids get exercise during this process, but they also learn cross-curriculum with our play and learn. 

Engage – Educate – Exercise

Furthermore, 3 Point Learning has teachers talking about students to their parents which creates an easier bond between them all. Most importantly though is that 3 Point Learning will help your child grow up happy knowing you helped shape their education well!

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