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Multi Sport Camp - Half Term - Sheffield
Self Defence Workshops for students and Teachers (separate of course)

Take in our fantastic self-defence workshop. Ideal for students and staff.

The student’s workshop is a self-defence and self-awareness workshop, they can be part of a 2-hour workshop focussing on them, safety, and self-defence.

This workshop is a great introduction and confidence builder.

We also offer a 6 weeks course over 2-1/2 hours each week changing young people’s lives, building, confidence, resilience, and changing their perspective on themselves.

Staff workshops can be part of an inset day, after school, or during the school day if permitted. Training staff in self-defence is a great tool to have, it helps build their confidence, and it’s not a bad life skill. 


Help your students to have the confidence to Excel in school!

Practical workshop in school or at our fantastic centre. 

Every teacher wants students to have confidence. It is important in building a quality life. A student with confidence has the potential to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

A child earns confidence through hard work and effort, by doing well in school, and respecting themselves, their family and their friends. A child without confidence does not believe they are worthy or capable of doing anything great. When things get hard, a child without confidence will most likely quit. Quitting only diminishes a child’s confidence. As parents, we must encourage
them to work hard and never give up.

Help your child learn the 3 secrets of confidence and practical ways to become bully proof.

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

School attendance is a serious matter. When your child misses school, they are missing more than just class. They are also missing the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends. They are also unaware of current events and, of course, missing out on the...

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