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Inclusive Football Camps designed with SEN youngsters at the forefront of our thinking

Yp Academy Testimonials

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– Summer sports camp just for SEN children

– The perfect summer camp environment for SEN youngsters

– Be a part of a fantastic footballing camp

For young people with disabilities, summer can be a difficult time.

Summer is a time for fun, but without the right support many children with SEN don’t get the opportunity to enjoy themselves like their peers do. We want all young people to have the chance of having fun over summer and growing as individuals.

Our football camp is different from others because it’s just for children and young people with special needs. We provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome – no matter their ability or disability.

Our footballing camps are designed for young people aged 7-14 years old who may have additional needs such as autism, ADHD, or SEMH. This camp will provide you with an inclusive environment where you can learn new skills and meet new friends whilst playing your favourite sport!

Changing Lives Through Sport

Inclusive Summer Coaching

Yp Academy Testimonials
Yp Academy Testimonials
Yp Academy Testimonials
Yp Academy Testimonials
Yp Academy Testimonials

SEMH – While some people are not yet able to articulate their feelings, many others have trouble understanding and coping with how they feel. The process of defining one’s emotions can be difficult for anyone who is experiencing a new emotion or going through an intensely emotional experience. Developing the ability to identify what you’re feeling may take time but there are steps that can help young people understand themselves better over time.

Autism – Working with young people on the autistic spectrum is a challenge. But, it’s rewarding when you see them take part and be involved in activities that are going to help them for their future lives! To make this possible we have silent training where they learn how to share without speaking or making noise by following each other’s movements as well as learning sign language.

ADHD – Have you ever found yourself in a social gathering with your younger family members? The restless energy is palpable. Thankfully, there are some great fun games that can keep them active physically, and mentally engaged so they aren’t getting into trouble anywhere else!

Downs Syndrome – One of the most satisfying things about working with individuals that have Downs Syndrome is making their day. These kids are awesome! They love to work on fun games and will enjoy being a part of our summer camps.  

Hard of Hearing – Coaching by an England international footballer from the England Deaf team, great role model, inspiring young people.

Did you know when Gareth Southgate was a child he had to wear hearing aids?

Different types of SEN – Apologies if you are not in the above group, but it’s only because we listed a few, there is always room for more. We have amazing people with great skills for different areas, we understand that sometimes your child may need something other than what our summer camp offers so please don’t hesitate to just ask us about anything!

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