Specialised Education Provider KRS Education
Specialised Education Provider KRS Education

Sports Delivery for all groups, Schools, Adults,  SEND Groups- Adult and Children


One thing that stands out about our Sports Delivery program is how it caters to everyone.


  • Multi-Sport – 8 Different Sports

  • Games – With Cross Curriculum Learning

  • Play and Learn

  • Fun & Laughter

We support schools to help get the best out of their amazing young people.

Our staff supply schools with lesson objectives- Session plans and Outcomes.
It’s important to ensure everything we deliver is recorded for your records.

We have a flexible team ensuring One thing that stands out about is  our awareness and ability to be inclusive to those with additional needs

Multi-Sport Delivery – With Cross Curriculum Learning

Why will we be offering an improved sports premium support package?

We deliver different packages in schools, we offer 1/2 day and full-day packages as well as a few bolt-ons, which are a lot of fun. 

Book a FREE taster session to see what we are delivering and its effectiveness for your students. You will also receive all the information needed as part of the OFSTED Framework for your records. 

We don’t just deliver on the sport, we deliver on curriculum and ensuring you have information for Ofsted. 

We cover 8 different sports to ensure the students have varied learning and have a chance of trying new sports. 

KRS Education wants to offer something different that puts the student at the heart of learning, mental wellbeing, and fitness. 

Adult SEND Sports and Inclusion

Adult SEND Groups

Try out a new sport with our inclusive program for adults who have SEND needs. You’ll be able to spend some time having fun and trying different activities while learning about how we meet the fundamental criteria of your disability in order for you can enjoy life more!

Sports Premium School Support for Behaviour

Behavioural Winners

10% of students can take up to 90% of your time and resources. They can test the most dedicated teacher but also we know that “the kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways.”

  • Working with the student
  • Create a personal plan
  • Working with Parents
  • Working with School

Play, Learn, and Have Fun

Through sport over a half-day or a full day, we can work with a group of students, using sport to learn English and Maths.  Learning through play is great, helping them engage, using different languages to communicate how they may be feeling.

We begin to understand the students in smaller groups, what works what doesn’t. This can all be incorporated into a behaviour plan in line with your school’s high expectations.

Comprehensive Reports supplied to all over progress made.


Sports Premium School Support for Behaviour

Full Day - Sports Package

. A unique programme which can be split into two, 1 morning & 1 afternoon. This is built to work directly with the school, offering multiple sports changing depending on time of year.  Learning through play with fun games differing from the age group you wish us to work with.  

  • Fun Sporty Games,
  • Games with an Academic Twist
  • Core Subject Games
  • PSHE school support

This Sports Premium school support module, can be 1/2 day, 1 day or more with our team getting to know the students. 

Students will love the different games and will enjoy playing different sports, learning about health, mind and body and the importance to look after both.


Sports Premium after school clubs

School Sports Premium Extras

Working with our packages to put together an offering of sporting events to benefit the school and its young people.
Showing sport is fun and who knows we may discover the next Olympic gold medalist.

  • Wake Up Shake-Up
  • PE Lessons
  • Lunchtime Games
  • After School Sports Clubs
  • Tailored Group Support

Our teams are carefully handpicked to ensure your students get the absolute best from their participation and our educational knowledge and desire to get the school’s best outcomes is exactly what we want to do.

Bespoke Support

Everyone should have access to sport and given a chance to be part of new experiences. 
We offer Multi-sports learning and incorporate learning into those games. Different schools will want to offer different sports, different learning, and different mental wellbeing support, this is why we bespoke our offerings, its essential for what’s best for students. 

Book a free Discovery Call today and let’s create a package specifically for your school and for your young people. 

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