Re-engaging with students to prevent students from missing school?

What are some ways to stop students from missing school? Students are absent from school for many reasons. Some are unavoidable. Others are avoidable. School can be a challenging place. Students may feel anxious or uncomfortable in the classroom. Some students might be bullied or feel uncomfortable in their school uniforms.

Other reasons may be more personal to the student. Whatever the reason, there are some steps that educators can take to re-engage students and make them feel more comfortable at school.

Mental Health Battles - Re-engaging with students to prevent students from missing school?

Building up trust

Some students may be in a position to choose to attend school or not. We must look at engaging with the student and not always the reason why they have a choice. These battles can be unproductive. 

“How come there are days where I just don’t feel like going back to school? Then there are moments when I can’t wait to go to school and hang out with my friends,” I questioned myself. “I don’t know why I feel this way.”

It’s normal to feel this way in the morning when in the evening we were so excited and in the morning we wake up and we feel not so great so we can’t imagine going to school. “We get into a routine of waking up every day and going to the same school that we know that we don’t want to go to,” a students view,  how can we change these feelings, as educators we’ve spoken with parents and students who have said they will be in the next day, only for them to miss attending again.

We must give a reason they want to attend, to change their mindset and their way of thinking.

Working with KRS Education to help with students who are persistently absent

KRS Education is here to talk about preventing students from missing school. We have put together a blog post to help you learn more about how you can work with us to help with students who are persistently absent.

Here’s what we have:

How to help with students who are persistently absent

In a world where personality is all about being human, online, in shops at work, people have the opportunity to see you are just like them. Allowing students to see you are sincerely interested in their well-being is one of the most important parts of the job, and not to come across with the image school attendance is always a higher priority than the student.

How to work to help you and your students.

Creating engagement with 30 other students of varying ability can be hard in any classroom, doing this with a student whose persistent absenteeism will only have an effect of a downward spiral and engagement.

  • Small groups
  • Quick win around attainment
  • Being involved in building confidence!
  • Working on smaller time frames
  • A clear progress chart
  • Clear achievable goals 

All of the above are fantastic ways for engagement

Unique programmes can be hard to find something different for a student, if looking for an alternative provision to help support the child, ensure it is somewhere similar to KRS Education, which offers a unique programme in a great environment with regular daily and weekly reports ensuring they meet your Ofsted framework for inclusion with progress and goals.

How can we reduce absenteeism in schools
Increasing School Attendance -

Working with KRS Education to help with students who are persistently absent

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