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support your teacher’s workload and work with students who may just be harder to reach and educate?

KRS Education is a provider of play and learn. We offer fantastic lessons that are delivered through sport, as well as small group-specific student support working with attendance, behaviour, SEND and nurture groups

Attendance Accelerator 

Parents, teachers, and educators are always looking for a solution to the problem of attendance.

The Attendance Accelerator is a new way to approach student attendance with a holistic view that includes parents as well as students.
This program focuses on getting kids back into school by addressing all aspects of why they aren’t attending in the first place. It’s not just about punishing or rewarding students but also helping them understand how important it is for them to be at school every day so they can get an education.

By creating a middle ground and student engagement we can attempt to re-engage students, create solutions and by working together as a team give us a much better chance to succeed.

Working With KRS Education is to reduce the time schools spend on students who are persistent absentees, but have someone whose prepared to feedback on everything needed for the school to make decisions moving forward.

Behaviour Blaster

Most of the time, the students who have behavioural issues are those that have been identified as having a learning difficulty. This means they need extra support to help them achieve their goals and it’s hard for teachers to provide this in a classroom setting with other children who don’t have any special needs.

In order for these students to be able to express themselves properly, they need to be in smaller groups or even receive one-to-one attention from an educator that can help them identify what is going on inside of them and how they feel about certain situations.

Behaviour Blaster is to support schools, parents and importantly students. KRS educators understand why people behave the way they do so that interventions can be successfully implemented into their classrooms at school or home environments.

Working With KRS Education is to reduce the time schools spend on students who are disrupting the good running of the school, but have someone whose prepared to feedback on everything needed for the school to make decisions moving forward.

Confident Child

The problem that we are looking to solve is an epidemic of low self-esteem amongst young people. This has been attributed to the pressures of social media, bullying, and a lack of confidence in themselves.

Our programme will teach children how to be confident through small wins both in body and mind. We have found that by working with groups of up to 4 students at a time we can help them achieve their goals faster than if they were working alone or one on one with an adult coach. By giving these students the tools they need to build their confidence it allows them to take control over their lives and make positive changes for themselves now as well as into adulthood.

Through our sessions, students learn techniques such as mindfulness (being present), goal setting (setting SMART goals) and positive affirmations (using I statements). These skills are taught through fun activities that create real-life experiences for the children.

Working With KRS Education is to help school staff access more PPA time for their wellbeing, providing full reports of everything we deliver, objectives, delivery and outcomes.

Increasing School Attendance

Increase School Attendance

What would happen if you got more help with your attendance issues in school starting now?
The Attendance Plan is a program that helps students who are struggling to keep up their attendance. The plan works through an interactive, step-by-step process: we create the attendance plan based on what’s going well and not so well for each student; then work together as partners overtime to make sure they’re staying on track

  • Working with the student
  • Create a Working Plan
  • Working with Parents
  • Working with School

Comprehensive Reports supplied to all over progress


Support Behaviour for Schools (2)

Behavioural Support

We have a unique programme for students, working with young people who have troubles at school and because of it, their education is suffering as well as those around them.

We find out “why” they act up—from bullying to mental health issues like depression or anxiety–and we work on strategies so that the behaviour does not continue in future situations.

Finally, by engaging in schoolwork together during our sessions students can learn how important studying hard really is!

Reporting Back on every student we work with in detail.

Building Student Confidence

Building Students Confidence

Through our programme, we build resilience in the most vulnerable students by teaching them to feel confident and self-assured. We provide mental health support for anxiety as well as low self-esteem so that they can finally be happy again!

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Self-Esteem
  • Mental Health Support
  • Anxiety Support

It’s awful young people end up in a place they don’t believe they can talk to anyone. This program builds confidence and trust and we liaise with schools all the way through their time with us.

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