Keys Stage 2 – Alternative provision and student Intervention

Keys Stage 2 - Alternative provision and student Intervention


KRS wants to help students who struggle in mainstream education?

Our KRS alternative provision is delivered across 2 sites.

SITE 1 – Our first site is KS2 SEND focussed – We keep this to 5 students so each student can be directly focused on, enhancing strength and strengthening any weaknesses.

In a classroom designed around group work with plenty of time spent individually working towards their strengths in order for them all to receive support from our teachers/intervention specialists as well as get individualised attention when needed;

It’s no wonder that kids are proud of themselves once they’ve achieved something!

KRS wants to help students with mental health issues and learning disabilities achieve in life?


Site 2 KS 2 – 4 With a larger capacity and excellent facilities, this second site is built for larger groups. It has fantastic breakout areas that will cover KS2-4 to enable students the opportunity of gaining their knowledge with more inspiration around every corner!

Purpose-built so it can support sport even after hours as well as rooms where children have an extremely comfortable atmosphere filled only by excellence all through personal development – what else could you want from your educational experience?

Perfect for hard-to-reach students to Engage, Educate and Exercise in a different surrounding

Each Site delivers curriculum learning and parts of the curriculum, working towards success, engagement is key and the facilities we have means students may be exercising their minds and bodies as well as achieving their goals. 

key stage 2- alternative provision and student intervention
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