Bringing Multiple Sports to your School and Organisations with a Curriculum Crossover Engage Educate Exercise

KRS Education is a company that strives to provide education for people of all ages. The three “E”s that the company focuses on are Engage, Educate and Exercise. KRS Education teaches these principles primarily to children in schools and other educational establishments but also works with adults who want to get back into school or improve their skillset.
1Hour Taster Session

Free 1 Hour Taster Session

Standard benefits:
– Engage, Educate and Exercise is a great way to get kids active.
– The FREE taster session will give you the chance to see what we can do for your school.
Emotional benefits:
– You’ll be helping kids stay healthy mentally and physically

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We are working hard to give people a future, including young adults and children with SEND. We believe in providing these individuals an opportunity for sport-based learning that will connect them to education along the way!
An alternative option is also available where our program aims to provide activities at either of our sites, teaching, educating, and learning for a future, building confidence and resilience.

Increasing a students attendance

Attendance Accelerator

Standard benefits:
– Get your kids back into school.
– Reduce the chance of becoming a NEET by providing a different achievable curriculum.
Emotional benefits:
– Give your child a brighter future.
– Help them get their life back on track

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Behaviour Blaster - KRS Education

Behaviour Blaster

• Improves ability to recognise emotions
• Helping students understand their behaviours, which makes them better communicators
• Encourages confidence in the student’s own abilities to solve problems

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Helping Students with dyslexia, learning difficulties, mental health and emotional problems

SEND Support - Child Communicator

• Helps students with SEND tools to succeed
• Provides tools for Mental Health and Anxiety
• Builds Confidence in communication skills
• Gives kids the ability to speak up when they feel things are hard or difficult
• Provides emotional support in an educational environment

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Alternative Provision for pupils who are SEND

SEND AP- A new Way

• Provides the opportunity for SEND pupils to not become a NEET
• Tailored courses that focus on their needs
• Work closely with schools to help provide the best possible education experience
• We work closely with parents and schools to provide the best possible education for your child
• Tailor-made qualifications and skillsets so your child can have a future post-school

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Behaviour Sheffield Alternative Provision

Behaviour AP - Huge Difference

• Creative, innovative learning environment
• Innovative teaching methods
– Helping to raise individual attainment levels
– Individualised support plan for all students
– Support in behaviours management system
– Students learn how to cope with negative emotions and situations:

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