Alternate Provision

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Alternative Provision KS2, 3 & 4

16-19 Funding

19-24 Traineeships

Adult Education Funding

Office 365 Online Training



Below you will find brochures and more information about what we offer.

The brochures we can edit for you to promote your own course on your website, also comes with social media ads to promote in you area for students.

16-19 Downloads:

Trifold KRS Education (referee academy)
A4 KRS Education 16 – 19


Alternative Provision Downloads: 

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16 – 24 Traineeships:

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Adult Learning:

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Request More Personalised Information: Please use the message box regards your, sport / hobby / orgnisation. 

What We Offer

Course Tutors

We supply the tutors needed for the chosen course or if you hav a specialist nicche area we can fund your own trainer. 

Functionals Skills

BTEC Sport Level 3

Employability Skills


We look after all the funding for your students and courses what ar run. 

We’ll exlain how your organisation bnefits with additional funding for the running of the club. 


Club Investment



We have experts, in fitness, nutrition and mental health to work with students in different ways.

Different Forms of Fitness

Fun Nutrition

Mental Wellbeing

Let’s Learn Together!

We are all about learning, supporting and finding people learn.
We want each person to grow and go through their own personal growth.

We aim to help over a 1000 people upskill, learn and develop over the next 18 months. 

Tel: 0114 551 8181


Alternate Provision

KRS Education are apart of the KRS Family Group of businesses.
The number 1 aim is to help people become the best they can be.

Linking with KRS Digital helping Small businesses grow and Personal growth helping people grow its a natural progression.

KRS Education
KRS Digital Registered Company
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Tel: 0114 551 8181

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