Keys Stage 2 – Alternative provision and student Intervention

challenging students - behaviour support intervention

On-Site Support

Sports can be used as a way to engage students in fun play and learning. By taking part, they will also become engaged with what’s going on around them while teaching important sportsmanship values such as teamwork or how different types of equipment work.

Multi-sport delivery links curriculum topics together so that there is an ongoing learning element of everything we deliver.

Our fantastic team works so hard with young people and believes in them all to improve their lives and look at their emotions which causes outbursts, working through sport helping our young people feel emotions and address issues correctly. 

Working through sport also reinforces learning, school, and students get the best out of all worlds and have a great intervention strategy. 

Our team also understands the importance of progress updates and provides schools with complete reports of what we are delivering. 

Demonstrating the school’s work and support they are showing each student. 


KRS wants to help students who struggle in mainstream education?


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