Attendance Accelerator: Boosting attendance, one student at a time.

– What is the importance of improving student attendance and how does that help them?

Improving the attendance of students is one of the main challenges of our country. There is no need for an explanation that achieving results is impossible if students don’t come to school.

For a student to learn, they have to take part in various activities. Schools Know the importance of attending school and it’s proven that missing just 10% of school can seriously reduce the chances of a student achieving their true potential. 


The Objectives of Our Attendance Accelerator:

Improving Student’ attendance and supporting schools to make this possible. Our main objective is to work with Students who are persistently absent from school are less likely to succeed academically, the attendance accelerator is to rebuild students into education. 


  1. Break down the barriers to learning
  2. Understand the students
  3. Improve Attendance in an Educational Setting

How KRS Education delivers an improved attendance one student at a time.

Students who miss more than four days of school each month are at higher risk of becoming NEETs. KRS Education works closely with schools and students to reduce this risk.



  1. Engaging with students and parents at home
  2. Getting to know likes and dislikes
  3. Build a bespoke curriculum
  4. Deliver the plan, and get an agreement
  5. Show parents and students a neutral educational site, and ensure there are no barriers.

What are the common curriculum and life skills lessons we will focus on with students when in attendance?

What are the common curriculum and life skills lessons we will focus on with students when in attendance?



Depending on age groups depends on delivery. 

  1. We base learning on likes, such as sport, social media, hobbies
  2. Offering mini-modules for success, linking to digital media/sports coaching delivery, and other vocational solutions
  3. IT-Ready
  4. Employability Skills
  5. Clear Targets towards apprenticeships
  6. English Language
  7. Maths

We have an array of aims and targets for each student

Why do we commit to ongoing reviews?

We must continue to commit to holding ongoing reviews, including involvement from parents and students’ visions and aspirations. We must also make sure students are growing emotionally while also academically.


  1. Circumstances change
  2. Always ready to change the programme
  3. Assess if work is too difficult or not challenging enough
  4. Students may be open to a partial return to school.
  5. Introduction to different core subjects

Reports and progress

Our reporting and progress charting is essential to keep all parties in the loop of what students are working on and aiming to achieve. If they are slipping on their standards, it is good to quickly do a check-in with them.

Our reporting system will demonstrate an improvement in attendance, academic, and importantly, emotional and social development.


  1. Daily contact with school regards attendance / If home Visit was needed
  2. Weekly progress report – Attainment and attendance figures
  3. Social / Emotional progress 
What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

What is needed to support a young person to go to school?

School attendance is a serious matter. When your child misses school, they are missing more than just class. They are also missing the opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends. They are also unaware of current events and, of course, missing out on the...

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