Inspirational Assembly Talks

If what we cover helps just one child realise they are not alone and inspire them, we’ve done what we have set out to do.
Our team has a back story they are willing to share and deliver at an age-appropriate level.
primary school support - KRS Education - Sheffield

Mental health- Calming the Mind

Simon Hall

Ex-Forces / Senior Referee working extensively with hard-to-reach families for over a decade.

Simon has extensive knowledge and experience around mental health, having suffered from depression and anxiety.
Simon shares his story and strategies used in difficult circunstances.

primary Schools Inspirational Speakers - Krs Education - Sheffield

Disability Confidence

Joe Dixon

England & GB Deaf Footballer & Professional Football Coach / Business Owner

Joe covers growing up with a disability, and covers adapting to different situations. Covering his expereinces and lessens he learnt along the way.


primary school support - KRS Education - Sheffield

Bullying - You are more than what they say you are

Ryan Hall

Semi-Professional footballer and manager and Business Owner

Ryan covers his experiences how they made him feel, losing confidence, and then the growth part coming out the other side, what he has done and how he’s now achieved so much. 

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