A little movement makes a big difference

Move More - Adult Day Care Services

On-Site Support

Do you have someone who’d love to get moving a little more, would you like to take action and help them become motivated and engaged?

Our programmes are designed to be fun, inclusive, and different each time to keep things interesting. We can help get adults with special educational needs and disabilities active and moving, and we can help the elderly to get them active and feeling a part of something.

Our services help adults of all ages to stay active and independent in their surroundings.

This can help them in numerous ways to become more alert and responsive, creating a happier and fulfilled day.

 Off-Site Support

 Our fun active days mean you can access offsite fun and games, with a lot more added, we have the chance to engage in smaller groups and access multi-sports. 

These days are fantastic fun in a great surrounding to access soft mat areas. 
With so many different options of games to be played, and working around fundamentals to keep everyone engaged. 

Feel free to contact us regards either visiting us or for us to come to you.  


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