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Simon Hall - KRS Education

Simon Hall

Very proud owner of KRS Education Ltd

Decades of education knowledge and seeing the good and challenging side of working in mainstream. Its very clear some young people do not fit the mould for mainstream school.
Simon has a belief in young people and has a great outlook using “flip it” turning negatives into positives. Finding the way each students learn is key.
Simon is building a team around the company where the team “get it” they understand the people we work with, this is ahead of qualifications, these help but if you don’t “get” the kids everything else is pointless.

Also Simon is Ex-Forces / Senior Referee, mentor, coach and loves fishing.

KRS Education believe in all students, we want to work and support young people and adults stopping the past defining their futures. .

We know mainstream school isn’t for every young person, we know some are misunderstood and sometimes a mainstream setting isn’t ready for a students needs. 

We work with students who have an EHCP, SEND and those who engage in Mental Health battles, which shouldn’t be fought alone.

Behavioural issues, no boundaries, no aspirations no role models.

We’ve been described as flexible, and we are, we have to be. We need to create the right environment for a young person to thrive.

Primary Schools

We offer a superb 12 week plan for KS2 students, who may be struggling with education and the school setting. The work you do is amazing but you often have 29 others to think about. Our plan looks at all areas for this young person to be successful.

We also offer in school mentoring, clear aims and goals with a student or a small group. Working with school and parents for the best future for their child.

Adult Learning

Why not change your life?

Often fear, confidence and the weight of the world stops people taking control of their future.
The environment we create is different, its fun, informal and with clear goals and support.
We offer personal development alongside CV writing,  upskilling, employability skills, improved qualifications and if you are looking to go into business for your self, we are here to help. Advice, Guidance and clear support.

Stacey Hall - Alternative Provision manager

Stacey Hall –
Centre Manager

I’m creating amazing interventions and groupwork for the kids. However I know you need to know more.

Didn’t find find out I was dyslexic at university and relate so well with the students.

I’m a football mad referee away from the centre so lots of kids I’ve worked with don’t get rid of me at weekend when I turn up to referee.

Donnella Grice - Simply the best

Donnella Grice

Donnella is amazing and unbleivable with the kids, no matter the students the trust and positive relationship is completely priceless member of the team. 

As you can see from the picture anything can happen



Joel Cousins

Joel Cousins

I always say I have no idea what I’m doing but its fun and the kids are smiling and laughing so I’m doing something right.

I mentor the kids and work with Stacey ensuring we deliver the right strategies for the right students. Also working 1-1 with students on catch up in certain areas and leading a mad cap sports group or two.

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