3 Point Learning

We’ve created an interactive 3 point learning plan –

Engage        Educate       Exercise

Boost literacy, numeracy and resilience


  • Build social relations with your school community 
  • Improve physical health, social skills, self-esteem and concentration 
  • It’s a great way to try out new things that you might not have the chance to otherwise 
  • Boost literacy and numeracy skills 
  • Increase student resilience, independence and self-esteem

• Keeps students physically active instead of lethargic

• Educates and entertains while still meeting the academic requirements for schools

• Enhances student attention span from short to long periods of time

• Includes a variety of games that are sure to interest all different types of learners

3 Point Learning is engaging, creative, and overall a great educational experience for students. Students are engaged by being given multiple sports to play ” Not only do the kids get exercise during this process, but they also learn cross-curriculum with our play and learn. 

Engage – Educate – Exercise

Furthermore, 3 Point Learning has teachers talking about students to their parents which creates an easier bond between them all. Most importantly though is that 3 Point Learning will help your child grow up happy knowing you helped shape their education well!

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