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16-19 Funding

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16-19 Educational Funding

16-19 Educational Funding

Fancy you sports club or organsiation being able to offer an education to your members. 
Funding available for you club with full support educating students and fully paid for. 

Allowing your young players, members receive qualifications in an area they love. 

We show how the club can receive money for this all the time while they help the young people improve their skills, receive qualifications and give them a positive future. 

  • Football Clubs
  • American Football
  • Referees Academy’s
  • Badminton
  • Netball
  • Job Centres
  • Youth Organisations
  • Any Sport or Hobby
  • Organisatiosn working with young people 16-19

BTEC Sport Level 3 is only an example of what we can offer – Contact us to discuss requirements

Download Literature:

Referee Academy
Football Academy


More literature for different sports is on its way – Feel Free to get in contact 

What We Offer

Course Tutors

We supply the tutors needed for the chosen course or if you hav a specialist nicche area we can fund your own trainer. 

Functionals Skills

BTEC Sport Level 3

Employability Skills


We look after all the funding for your students and courses what ar run. 

We’ll exlain how your organisation bnefits with additional funding for the running of the club. 


Club Investment



We have experts, in fitness, nutrition and mental health to work with students in different ways.

Different Forms of Fitness


Mental Wellbeing

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